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Fresh Cabbage Suppliers in Mexico

Cabbage is one vegetable that is widely used in Mexico. Whether a person is enjoying a hearty soup during winters or relishing the taste of fish taco on his beach vacations, chances remain high that his every meal contains cabbage in one or other forms.  Containing high levels of fiber and vitamin C, cabbage is a good source of iron, calcium, magnesium and many other minerals. Extremely low in fat content, it is a vegetable with disease fighting phytochemicals that lower the risk of cancer.  So, if you are looking for fresh cabbage suppliers in Mexico, approaching Pampa Store is the prudent decision going forward.

Try Different Dishes with Fresh Cabbage

One of the main benefits of cabbage is it has a longer shelf life as compared to other green leafy vegetables due to its tight head and waxy cuticle. It is a vegetable that is easy to use with other vegetables like cauliflowers and carrots for making pickles and Mexican street food items like salbutes. A common salad item, red or purple cabbage makes a great addition to many meat stews. Some of the popular dishes in which cabbage acts as a staple are Chiapas style beef with cabbage, Central Mexican style meat strew, Baja style cabbage slaw, to name a few. Besides, other popular uses of cabbage are leaves are stuffed with different kinds of vegetables to baking purposes, it works great alongside onions and peppers, and it makes a beautiful and decorative addition to pasta salads and fried rice.


Being a leading fresh cabbage distributor in Mexico, we also export the super vegetable in other countries like USA and Canada.

Pampa Store Deals with Superior Quality Vegetable

We understand that customers always look for those cabbages that have compact and shiny heads with heavy in size. They seldom pick cabbages with blemished leaves. Though it is a cold-weather vegetable, refrigeration is recommended if a person wants to use it after three-four days.  If he is making half-head at the time, ensure that the other half is covered tightly before storing it in the refrigerator. Removing outer leaves and washing under running water is a standard practice to be followed before using the cabbage.

As one of the reputed and professional cabbage distributors in Mexico, we deal only with fresh cabbage and supply the best quality vegetable to our customers at pocket-friendly rates. After sourcing the veggies directly from farms, we take no time in dispatching orders in specific quantities. Offering fast doorstep delivery, we pack the veggie in the right manner so that it remains fresh when customers receive it.  Meeting both the bulk and retail requirements of customers, we never compromise with the quality standards and thus perform our business with complete honesty and integrity. So, enjoy the taste by placing an order for fresh cabbage with Pampa Store.


We have you covered year-round

Our production run 12 months of the year.  We have an extensive range of growers to cover our clients demand, always keeping in mind that our main principle for international commerce it's quality.

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