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Organic products are those products that are grown, handled as well as processed without using any pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and artificial ingredients. These products are not genetically engineered, therefore they are high on nutritional content and have a unique and original taste. We, at Pampa Store, are offering fresh, conventional and organic lemons at an affordable price range. Acting as a leading Mexican based supplier and distributor of organic Lemon, we are an industry player with over 10 years of experience of operating successfully in the international markets.

Benefits of Eating Fresh and Organic Lemon

For cleaning purposes in Kitchen, lemon works wonder. Some other benefits of this yellow and round-shaped fruit are:

●        Lemon is one of the most popular fruits used in small quantities in food items for adding intense flavor. Regarded as a multi-purpose fruit, it is commonly used for giving flavor to salad dressings, sauces, baked goods, drinks, etc.

●        It is an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants and both these nutrients play a significant role in preventing diseases and boosting the overall health and well-being of an individual. Some of the evidence-based health benefits of eating organic lemon on a regular basis are it promotes heart health, helps in controlling body weight, prevents kidney stones, protects against anemia, reduces the risk of cancer and improves digestive health also.

●        Organic lemons score extremely high for extensive uses in the beauty world. They heal dry skin, work magical on chapped lips and re-vitalized damaged hair. However, it is necessary to use fresh and organic lemons for getting the aforementioned and many other benefits.

Pampa Store, a leading organic lemons supplier of Mexico, is committed and confident to meet your demand for obtaining high-quality fruit.

Why purchase from Pampa Store?

●        100% Certified Organic – Pampa Store earned the reputation of a trustworthy organic lemon distributor in Mexico by purchasing 100% certified organic lemons.

●        Fresh and Organic Fruit - Pampa Store helps in reducing your effort of finding the best and fresh quality of organic lemons; Customers will find the best quality of big-sized lemons from our store in different sizes.

●        Competitive Pricing – Finding, organic, tasty, fresh and conventional lemons at such a competitive price range would no more remain a dream in Mexico.

Who does not want to take a price benefit of purchasing organic lemons at affordable price range from a leading supplier and distributor based in Mexico? Simply place your order in bulk and store them at room temperature to use them for several days and weeks. If refrigerate, prefer wrapping in plastic sheets and enjoy their tangy taste in a variety of food items.


Organic and Conventional Lemon

We have more than 10 years in the Mexican market, now being one of the main distributors in the country. This year 2018 we begin to market both conventional and organic fresh lemon from Argentina, working with the main producers in the province of Tucuman.

Our main focus and strength is in Fancy lemons, as our customers always expect to receive a quality product .


Availability: April- December.


Availability: March - August.

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