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Organic Lime Suppliers in Mexico

Lime, tropical fruit from Tahiti lime tree, is extensively grown in Mexico. Available in various sizes, it looks similar to lemon but differs in size and color. Lemons are yellow in color whereas limes have bright green skin. Limes are more acidic in nature with a hint of sweetness. High vitamin C content and innumerable nutritional benefits make it a good addition in the daily diet both for the long and short term. So, if you are looking for organic lime at a reasonable price range, Pampa Store is the name to bank upon.

Regarded as a reputable organic lime supplier and distributor in Mexico, we have been in the business of exporting organic fruit and vegetables to USA and Europe. Our team possesses an eye for perfection, therefore hand-select the excellent quality of organic limes. It would not wrong to say that dealing with quality products at a competitive price range is one factor that enables us to enjoy a strong foothold in the International market.


Extensive usage of Organic Limes

We are a Mexico based organic lime distributor that supplies limes in huge quantities to both retail and commercial customers. Commonly used in national and international cuisines for enhancing the flavor, lime slices contribute to attractive garnishing over salads and drinks. Restaurants prefer adding organic lime slices in sauces, fruit salads and marinades for their rich taste and an attractive appeal.

Why Organic Limes of Pampa Stores are the Best?

Our unmatchable quality allowed us to earn the reputation of a reputed organic limes supplier in Mexico. Our limes are:

●  Free of bruising and healed overcuts

●  Free from pesticides and chemicals

●  Clean and Intact

●  Free of abnormal external moisture

●  Free of damage caused due to frost or low temperature

●  Free from any contamination, thus makes them suitable for consumption

We ensure to source organic limes from reliable sources that give assurance of:

●  Withstand transportation of a couple of days

●  Reach the desired destination without affecting the original condition of limes.

It is our assurance to dispatch wholesale order in cardboard crates or boxes holding a weight of 4 Kg / 10 pounds or 10 kg / 40 pounds  as per our clients’ requirements.

So, no need to look further than Pampa Store, a Mexico based trustworthy supplier and distributor, for purchasing high-quality Organic Limes.


Lima Organica & Convencional

Tenemos más de cinco años distribuyendo lima convencional desde el mercado mexicano hacía el mundo. Este año 2018 empezamos a suplir a nuestros recibidores europeos de la lima orgánica más exclusiva del mercado.

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