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Organic Squash Suppliers in Mexico

It is a popular belief that sweet means fruit and savory means vegetables as per the indication given by our palate. But palate cannot be right always. Squash is one fruit that is often considered as a vegetable because of its savory or mild taste. Botanically, it is a fruit that contains seeds and often develops from flower-producing parts of a plant. It has pale green skin with shapes varying from squat to round. We at Pampa Store have been exporting different varieties of Squash to our customers based in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. So, if you are looking for organic squash suppliers in Mexico, Pampa Store can be the best choice.

Maintaining Extensive Varieties of Organic Squash

Squash comes in different varieties including Italian zucchini, butternut, kabocha, spaghetti and acorn. Basically, it is one fruit categorized as winter and summer squash fruit. We deal in all varieties with a special focus on Gray, Yellow and Italian squash. Though early October till mid-June is considered as the best season to purchase fresh and organic squash, consumption level remains stable all year-round. Amongst three varieties, Italian variety is demanded the most because of its versatility as a vegetable and innumerable health benefits. It is one of the core ingredients to make tasty meals as it is easy to serve both in a cooked or raw form.  We as one of the leading organic squash distributors in Mexico strive hard to not only fulfill the demand of retail and commercial customers of Mexico, but also nearby countries with pride.

Benefits of Purchasing Organic Squash from Pampa Store

  • We aim to source the fruit from those sources that use the highest standards of food safety, reliability, quality and sustainability. Thus, when customers purchased from us, they get the assurance of purchasing the highest-quality.

  • As one of the leading organic squash suppliers and distributors in Mexico, we stock a huge inventory to meet both retail and bulk requirements of our customers during the peak and off-season.

  • We aim at keeping the short turnaround times of all fruits and vegetables. Thus, we use multiple means for delivering our products safely and in damage-free conditions at specified addresses. For this, we use our delivery trucks and even partnered with local transit companies.

  • We are ready to replace the complete order in case it gets damaged during the transit at no extra cost.

  • We believe in conducting every transaction very transparent, therefore give an exact estimate of the cost upfront at the time of accepting an order. Our cost is competitive and affordable.

  • We accept orders via multiple modes like e-mail, fax, over telephone, etc.


So, place your requirement for the best quality of organic squash from a leading organic squash distributor and supplier in Mexico.


We have you covered year-round

Our production run 12 months of the year.  We have an extensive range of growers to cover our clients demand, always keeping in mind that our main principle for international commerce it's quality.

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