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6 Important Questions to Ask from Fruits and Vegetables’ Distributors

If you run a restaurant on a large scale, then it is a beneficial business strategy to get associated with a trustworthy Fruits and vegetables distributor, who will meet your daily needs. Usually, it is hard to find one distributor meeting all your needs. Therefore, attempts need to make to find such a distributor that meets your maximum requirements of fruits and vegetables.

It is advisable that do not associate with any distributor merely on the positive feedbacks shared by other restaurants. The reason is your need may differ from theirs. Hence, it is crucial to ask these a few questions from distributors before making your final choice.

Maximum or Minimum Order: Some distributors have minimum and maximum order requirements to serve their customers. You need to check and verify do these requirements sync up with your inventory management. If the maximum order delivery is too much for your restaurant, it will lead to food waste. On the other hand, if the minimum order delivery is unable to meet your requirements, it won’t work either. So, choose such a fruit and vegetable distributor which allows you to manage your inventory well without leading to any waste.

Discount on Bulk Orders: It is a general business rule that when any party makes a purchase in a huge quantity from the supplier, the latter offers a good discount. So, if you are purchasing fruits and vegetables in a huge quantity and the quantity is increasing with every passing month, ask about discounts with confidence. Just remember that unless you asked about a discount from the distributor, he will not offer the same.

Delivery Schedule: When you are finalizing any vendor, you need to check his delivery schedule. After all, the restaurant business cannot survive and thrive if vendors do not supply fresh stock on time. Thus, it becomes altogether important to find such a distributor that gives assurance of timely delivery in every circumstance. Besides this, you need to consider other important factors pertaining to delivery also. These factors are as follows:

1. Ask fruits and vegetables distributors to fix the specific timing for delivery of products every day.

2. Enquire whether or not they deliver on weekends and holidays?

3. Are they comfortable in dropping off deliveries during the non-working hours of the restaurant? If yes, what are their timings?

Payment Terms & Conditions: Usually distributors work on two payment models: cost plus-fixed price and cost plus-percentage price. The former indicates that you need to pay the cost of the food items along with a fixed fee. On the other hand, you need to pay a certain percentage, say 5% along with the cost of the food item in the latter one. Amongst these two models, most restaurants go with the former option. The reason is the cost of vegetables and fruits shows an increasing trend, thus locking the price helps in saving your profit margins.

Then, you need to verify their payment modes such as cash, credit or accepting online transfers. Usually, fruits and vegetables’ distributors insist on COD (Cash on Delivery). So, if you want to do not want to make prompt payment, convince them for a credit period of 15-20 days.

Check his Existing Clients: If any distributor is competent to meet your huge demands, then it already has a huge client base. So, ask him openly about his existing clients and if possible try to speak to one of the clients in person. Some of the specific questions important to ask are as follows:

1. Does he deliver the order on time?

2. How is the quality of fruits and vegetables?

3. Any specific problem you experienced with him?

4. Would you recommend this distributor?

Hire him only when you receive positive feedback from clients and you are convinced with his answers.

Acceptance of Online Orders: It would be a great relief if your distributor accepts online orders. This will keep you in a favorable position to place an order as and when required. Another benefit of online ordering is it minimizes error and reduces costs as well. If your distributor has a mobile app, then it is like a breather for you. The reason is you will get complete information about your orders, delivery schedule, expected delivery time and many other things in one place only. Not only this, the mobile app also helps in viewing orders’ history and bills in the later stages for record-keeping.

Last but not the least, do ask what will they do in case you receive an order in a bad or damaged condition? Either they supply the fresh order within a specified time limit or refund the money.

Based on the answers obtained, you can clearly get an idea of whether or not he is the right distributor to work with. If you are actively looking for a reliable and professional fruits and vegetables distributor in Mexico, park your trust upon PampaStore. It is an online comprehensive provider of high-quality, fresh and organic fruits and vegetables to industrial customers. Simply disclose your requirements and they will meet them without breaking your bank.

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