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Different Varieties of Mangoes Complimenting Mexican Cuisines

Delicious and sweet flavors make mango the king of fruits. Available around the world, one can find different varieties of mangoes in the marketplace each having a unique texture and flavor. Just like Indians, even Mexicans find mangoes as delicious and inspiring and know the art of including them in a variety of recipes. Easy to purchase from online mango suppliers, let’s take a quick look at their brief history and which mangoes varieties are available in Mexico.

Mangoes in Mexico- How They Came?

In 1775, the Philippines introduced Mangoes to the Mexican land as a part of the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade route. As per this route, items like silk, ivory, spices, porcelain along mangoes came to Mexico from China in exchange for Silver. In a similar manner, this yellow-colored fruit made its way from West to East. In Mexico, Mango distributors deal with different varieties but Manila, Ataulfo, Haden, Tommy Atkins, Kent, Keitt, Petacon and Cirillo are some of the hot favorites of people.

Tastes and Flavor of Different Mango Varieties

1. Ataulfo: Also known as honey, this is the second most popular variety of Mango in Mexico. Having a sweet and sour taste, this mango is easily available from March to July. The flesh of the fruit has a tropical aroma and when it becomes fully ripe, the color changes to deep yellow and acquires a flattened oblong shape.

2. Haden: This variety has both sweet and sour tastes as initially it tastes sweet and turns to the bitter aftertaste. Mainly cultivated in Peru, Ecuador and Mexico, these mangoes are red in color with hues of green-yellow. They have commonly round to oval shapes and have small white dots on the flesh.

3. Manila: Carabao is another name for Manila mangoes having a sweet taste and soft flesh. It basically belongs to the Philippines but now is easily available in countries like India and Mexico. For buying this variety of mango, you need to contact reputed mangoes suppliers and distributors.

4. Kent: Mexico is one of the main countries producing this variety of Mango. Available from December to February, this variety is ideal for juicing as it has a sweet taste with sour notes.

5. Keitt: Sweet and fruity flavor of Keitt mango makes it one of the most sought-after ingredients for preparing Asian cuisines. Commonly used for making pickles, this variety is available for long-duration say from March to April, and then in August and September also.

6. Tommy Atkins: It is one of the exclusively grown varieties of Mango in the US. Available from March to July, it has a sweet flavor with a citrus fragrance.

It is clear that different varieties of mangoes are available in different seasons, therefore Mexicans are lucky to relish the flavor of this highly nutritious fruit round-the-year in different forms.

Mexican Street Vendors Offer True Flavor of Mangoes

If you think that only retail customers purchase mangoes from reputed suppliers, then you need to revise the facts. The reason is the commercial demand for fruit has increased significantly in the last few years in the country. The food experts believe that if any customer really wants to enjoy the true flavor of mangoes and regional food of the Mexican city, he should visit Mexican vendors. The vendors sell different varieties of mangoes in carts and across streets of cities. Mostly, people prefer eating this delicious fruit simply by peeling them that too without slicing. This is one of the traditional ways of eating mangoes in Mexico- peeling and eating them as a whole. But if you really want to taste the real Mexican flavor of the fruit, simply add chilly, salt and lime on mango slices and relish its sweet and spicy flavor. An interesting fact about Mango is Mexicans prefer celebrating every festival with pomp and glory. They prefer celebrating birthdays or any special moment by feasting upon cakes. However, when mangoes are available in houses, people drop the idea of ordering cakes; they simply slice mangoes and eat them as a dessert with a spoon instead. Many times, people even prepare starters by using different varieties of fruit.

So, if you ever been to this wonderful country, do not forget to relish the flavor of different mangoes in starters, juices and desserts. However, if you do not get the time to travel anywhere in the country, do not forget to order your favorite variety from Mango distributors.

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