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Easy-to-Follow Tips to Start a Profitable Garlic Growing Business

If you have an open backyard, say 500-600 square feet, and you are planning to earn a solid income by growing a vegetable, place your bet upon garlic. It is a vegetable required in all season, used in every savory dish and does not demand too much capital investment. You can start on a small scale and increase the produce year-on-year basis. For sales and distribution network, you can take the help of reputed Garlic suppliers and distributors and earn a good profit without doing much legwork.

For garlic plantation, select individual cloves. Generally, bigger sizes of cloves are ideal for the plantation and reject the small lots. Reduce the chances of fungal diseases by dissolving the cloves in a chemical solution like carbendazim before sowing. Plant the cloves perpendicular to the ground by maintaining the distance of minimum 10 cm between two garlic plants. The other important details pertaining to the climate, soil and irrigation conditions ideal for growing garlic are mentioned below:

Climate Condition: Garlic requires different kinds of climate for ideal cultivation. It needs moist and cool climatic condition for the vegetative growth and warm and dry climate for the maturity. Just keep one thing in consideration that the bulb development as well as maturity of garlic cultivation cannot take place in extreme hot or cold conditions.

Soil Condition: Loamy soil with natural drainage is the best soil for growing garlic. Even soil with good moisture, organic content and high nutrients helps in proper bulb formation. The garlic cultivation is sensitive to alkaline and acidic soils; hence soil with pH level 6-8 is optimal for the growth of garlic.

Irrigation: It is bulb crop that has shallow roots, thus it requires good amount of water to maintain ideal moisture level in the soil. Too much or too less water results in inadequate growth of bulb formation. Therefore, prefer irrigating garlic cultivation with modern day techniques like drip irrigation and sprinkler.

After gathering these important pieces of information, let’s take a look upon other important factors that help you in earning more money from the garlic produce.

  • Grow Gourmet Garlic: Owing to unique flavors, tastes and health benefits, more and more people place demand for gourmet garlic. Right from common man to professional chefs, they place the demand for gourmet garlic varieties like Porcelain and Rocambole. The other reason of the growing popularity of the gourmet garlic is not easy availability in the supermarket and the nearest grocery stores. Thus, if you offer high quality gourmet garlic at affordable rates and join hands with reputed garlic distributors, you can increase your presence in the market.

  • Go Organic: It is a no-brainer to understand the simple fact that produce what customers’ desire. With the rising popularity of healthy eating, more and more people are purchasing organic vegetables and fruits. They are even ready to spend more owing to the better quality and taste of organic vegetables. Thus, spend some money at an initial stage of cultivation by using organic fertilizers and healthy practices, and become an organic grower of garlic.

  • Offer Value-Added Products: If you have the time and resources, you can boost your income by making healthy and lip-smacking products from organic garlic. Some of the best options are garlic powder, garlic chutney, garlic pickled, etc. These kinds of products are easy to sell at the farmer’s market. Even if you want to sell them at a big scale, you can speak to organic garlic suppliers for expanding your base. Having a professional help of garlic supplier allows you to focus on growing in a better manner.

  • Keep Increasing Production: If within one year of starting the business, you feel you have earned a good profit, then start making preparations for taking your business to the next level. If you have a vast organic garlic distributor’s network, expand your horizon with internet sales. Build your website and start selling garlic online. You can check the food-related magazines and contact reputed restaurants requiring garlic in a bulk quantity. Differentiate your produce from others by growing it bio-dynamically.

If you follow these simple steps, you can soon realize it is a cakewalk to earn huge profits with garlic production. Moreover, the best thing is it is easy to start with a small capital investment and a small growing area. So, what are you waiting for? Start your legwork from today only!

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