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Enrich your Life with Onions from Fresh Onion Suppliers in Mexico

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

If there is one vegetable that makes your tears roll down when chopped on a cutting board, then it is ‘Onion’. Onions are a gift of nature as these bulbs are rich in nutrients. They are not just red. They have several forms such as white bulb, yellow bulb, red/purple and green bulbs. This gift of nature is packed with vitamins and minerals that render impressive health benefits.

Those unaware, Mexico and Peru are leading worldwide producers of fresh onion with more than 700,000 tons per year.Onions grown in Mexico and Peru are so intensely packed with vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins that just consuming them fulfils your body's daily nutrient requirements. The vegetable is stashed with vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and manganese so you may not worry about taking extra supplements and vitamin pills. As consumption of the vegetable is very high, so it is made widely available in every marketplace of the world. Fresh Onion Suppliers in Mexico is getting the job done by exporting fresh Onions grown in Mexico and Peru to other parts of the world.

Demand of Onion ForBeing An Appetizer

All over the world, onion is high in demand, be it the US, UK, Germany, France, Russia, and other countries.The pungency and fiber content present in this vegetable make it a great appetizer as it helps in digestion of food ingested. It tones up the digestive system and helps stop bad breath. People take it on an everyday basis as they feel that their body rejuvenates and there is a general flow of energy. The packed nutrients found in onions start to unleash the moment it is consumed and so the body revives in strength. It is the miracle of this veggie that you can notice its effects on your digestive system the moment you consume it.

Highly Exported Root Vegetable

When it comes to the export of this root vegetable, the United States serves as the biggest export place. Fresh onions are consumed in the US at an exceedingly high percentage. Americans believe that it is good to have onions as this root vegetable soaks up vital elements from the soil that are very good for health. So, Peru alone has seen 190,000 MT exports of onions to the US every year. Mexico the highest quality producer of Onions exports 303,500 tons to the entire world every year. Out of this, the US alone receives 89% onions. So, the consumption of the root vegetable in the US is fairly large.

Sale Of Onion Is Ever-Expanding

Keeping note of its health benefits, men, women, and children like to consume onion daily. The vegetable potentially retains the bone density of people who consume it on a regular basis. Women especially after they give birth to a child and later on during menopause, lose on their bone density. But, onion stops this from happening. So, its consumption worldwide seems to remain high regardless of a favorable season. In fact, regular intake of onion allows your body to get a variety of necessary compounds like quercetin, sulfur, polyphenols, and selenium. Quercetin prevents asthma, stomach and colorectal cancers. Sulfur is an anti-inflammatory agent. Polyphenols are an antioxidant. Selenium strengthens the immune system. When there are so many benefits, obviously the sale of onions has to go up.

Why To Choose Mexico To Import Onion

When a marketplace is buying this vegetable from fresh onion distributors in Mexico, remember that the country is bringing home the best quality onions. The vegetable will not just add to your taste buds and make delectable dishes, but the import will also fulfils the demand of supplying fresh and farm produce.

Price of onions does fluctuate with market ups and downs. But, distributors in Mexico do their best to maintain a steady market price so that buyers or wholesalers from other countries do not face any difficulty in importing onions. So, no matter where you are living, continue eating onion and include it in your kitchen dishes. It is always fine as onions will be made available to your marketplace throughout the year.


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