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Factors Contributing to Rise in Prices of Garlic amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 was touted as a global pandemic by WHO (World Health Organization) across the globe. It has remained no secret that the virus poses a great risk to humanity and takes the lives of millions of people globally. Since the pandemic started in 2020, doctors and health experts have been suggesting few measures that individuals should take to fight against this pandemic. These few measures include incorporating general hygienic practices like washing hands frequently, maintaining social distancing, and wearing masks. Even eating such food items that help in boosting immunity is also effective in fighting against the virus. Though scores of food items are labeled as immunity boosters, garlic tops the chart. If you eat garlic regularly, have you realized one thing? Since the pandemic, the Garlic distributors are selling it at exorbitant prices. Did you know the reason for the same? Before, unearthing this fact, let’s take a quick look at the health benefits of garlic.

Health Benefits of Garlic

1. It acts as the blood purifier as it cleanses the system by flushing out toxins. When the toxins flushed out from the body, the skin becomes automatically acne-free.

2. Add garlic in broths, stews and soups to fight cold, flu and sinusitis.

3. The garlic contains allicin, which is high on anti-oxidant properties. So, if you consume garlic regularly, it helps in lowering down the cholesterol levels of the body and preventing heart diseases.

4. Its anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties even help in treating fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections from the last 7,000 years.

5. Consuming garlic either in a raw or cooked form provides exceptional benefits to skin and hair as well. It encourages collagen production in the skin and maintains its elasticity and suppleness. On the other hand, it also helps in reversing the process of hair loss by massaging your scalp with garlic extract or garlic-infused oil.

Now, coming to the moot point i.e. reason for the increase in prices of garlic.

Main Reason for Growing Prices of Garlic

In the last few years, China met approximately 80% of the garlic’s demand on the global scale. One of the major importers of garlic is the United States of America. The America imported approximately 199 million garlic pounds in 2018, and almost 70% sourced from China. Because garlic is extensively used for preparing both ethnic and standard cuisines, the US consumers are including garlic in their daily diet for improving their overall health.

Not only the USA, but even other nations depend upon China for meeting requirements of the fresh garlic. With the outbreak of novel Coronavirus, the supply chain in China is poorly disrupted affecting their distribution network. The country has slowed down garlic production as many companies are facing labor shortages. The reason for the same is millions of workers have not returned back from their hometown despite the ease in lockdown restrictions. The production is hindered on one side, and on the other side, the supply chain is affected due to lockdown restrictions on several transportations as well as shipping routes in few cities. These are the two main reasons cited by reputed and professional garlic suppliers of different nations for the soaring prices of garlic.

Another factor hampering garlic production is the long plantation period. Usually, the garlic crops get ready for harvesting in nine months. During the summer season, the time period extends to one year also. These garlic bulbs are then sold over the entire world the following year. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the production did not happen on a large scale. This decrease in supply and increase in demand owing to its immunity-boosting properties has widened the demand and supply gap, thereby leading to an exorbitant increase in garlic prices. But not to worry much as food experts believe that the situation has started improving in the last few months and within the next few months, even the garlic prices will reduce.

Popular Ways to Include Garlic in Diet

Purchase high-quality garlic from garlic distributors and suppliers in a large quantity and use it in different variations. Some of the popular ways are:

1. Adding garlic cloves in curries after adding oil.

2. Drinking garlic tea as a first beverage in the morning.

3. Take 2-3 raw garlic cloves and chewing them with water with an empty stomach.

If you really want to boost your immunity, we believe that you will definitely purchase garlic regardless of its prices. The only change you can make is adding the cloves in little quantity. After all, something is always better than nothing!


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