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Fresh Mango Treat from Mexican Suppliers or Distributors

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Mangoes are a diet-friendly food. They are often referred to as the ‘King of the Fruits’, and it is clear why. With their sweet taste, unsurpassed flavor and health properties, they bring all the goodness in slices to plates across the world. These amazing benefits of mangoes haven’t gone unnoticed with consumers; worldwide mango production has substantially increased over the years and passed unbelievable 50 million tonnes mark. Indeed, they are the most preferably eaten fruit in the world.

Availability All the Year Round

Native to South Asian tropics, mangoes have been cultivated for thousands of years. Now, mangoes can be found all across the world, mostly cultivated in tropical, frost-free, and warmer subtropical climates. However, tropical mangos don’t grow well in some parts of the United States. As a result, a large amount of farm fresh mangoes comes from Mexico. According to report submitted by U.S Department of Agriculture, Mexican farmers provide 60 to 70 percent of all imports to the United States. The second is Peru, followed by Ecuador and Guatemala.

Mexico offers worldwide buyers year-round availability of farm fresh, safe and flavorful produce. The fertile soil and friendly microclimates of the country offer consumers around the world with an amazing variety of the highest-quality fresh fruits and vegetables. While there is a varied method of growing, Mexico is a world leader in sustainable growing practices, including a whole range of protected agriculture and advanced greenhouse growing technologies.

Food Options

The tropical taste and smooth texture of mangoes lends itself perfectly to desserts, cold soups, icy drinks, and frozen treats. The king of fruit is often added to food and beverages to enhance the natural sweetness, making it a preferable option for juices, ice-creams, smoothies or pies. The consumer favourite, Fresh Mango Suppliers in Mexico location ingredients can also add an exotic taste to exciting combinations, such as luxury dark chocolate with mango and almond bars, mango and coconut or cranberry and mango.

Pick Fresh Organic Mango from Pampa Store

We at Pampa Store supply fresh mango annually to Europe and USA. Our 2019 campaign to Europe with the Ataulfo mango was really great, with a consistent volume of 30-60 pallets per week all the way from January until 1st week of August. This has set a solid foundation to our customers that are asking for the beginning of our next campaign, which will start last week of January.

We are looking forward to another great season of the organic Ataulfo to Europe, and also adding our organic Kent variety, with which we had already started last year and are expecting to increase the weekly volume of our program this season!

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