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Grow Onions in Pots & Containers in Homes

Onion is a part of the Allium family and it is a cold season crop. It is one of the most versatile vegetables, which is easy to use in every dish. It has a unique flavor that uplifts any dish when cooked properly. Some people enjoy eating it in a raw form in salad and in burgers whereas some like it in a cooked form. In whatever way you can enjoy it, this vegetable is easily available in local and supermarkets all year round. You can also purchase it from reputed online Onion suppliers at affordable rates. However, if you have time and a big garden, you can easily grow onions in homes. No need to feel disappointed, even if you have a small backyard. The reason is this is one vegetable, which is easy to grow in pots and containers also.

As mentioned earlier, onion is a cold-weather crop, therefore it needs cold weather conditions to grow properly. An interesting fact is onion is one vegetable that comes in different varieties and all varieties have different daylight requirements. Basically, the varieties of onion fall into these two categories- Short Day and Long Day. The Short-Day onion varieties have a sweet taste. These kinds of onions flourish in pleasant and warm climatic conditions and require minimum sunlight of 12 hours to form onion bulbs. The Long-Day varieties require cold climatic conditions. This variety demands a minimum of 14-15 hours of sunlight for forming bulbs. Fortunately, you can grow both kinds of onions indoors and outdoors.

Now, let’s take a look at those varieties which one can easily grow in pots:

1. Ailsa Craig: It is a long-day variety of onions with a mild sweet taste. It has golden skin.

2. Red Burgundy: Also known as red or purple onion, it is a short day variety of onion. It has purple-red skin and is commonly preferred in the raw form in salads. You can easily purchase fresh and red onions from online suppliers at affordable rates.

3. White Grano: This kind of onion has large, globular and white bulbs. It is ready to harvest in 100 days after growing. These onions are popularly used in Mexican dishes.

4. Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish: This onion also has a sweet flavor and matures in 115 days approximately.

How to Choose Pots for Growing Onions?

You need to pick such a pot that is a minimum of 10 inches deep. Decide the diameter of the container based on the number of onions you are planning to grow in one pot. The reason is onions need good spacing for ideal growth. You need to ensure that it has enough drainage holes and keep it a little off from the ground. If possible, keep it on the stand.

Onions Varieties’ Ideal to Grow in Containers

You will find onions in different sizes, colors and shapes. But not all varieties are ideal to grow in containers. Pick the following varieties for growing in containers:

1. White Onions

2. Red Onions

3. Yellow or brown onions

Amongst all three, brown or yellow onions are full-flavored onions. These onions are the best for everyday use while preparing meat dishes, curries, soups, etc. You can purchase these varieties from onion suppliers in Mexico.

How to Choose a Container for Growing Onions?

1. The first and foremost important thing to remember is to choose a container with a wide depth. The reason is each onion plant requires 4-5 inches of space for ideal growth. Moreover, whether you are growing 8 or 10 onions, you need to put a minimum of 4 gallons of potting soil in it. So, the recommended size for the container is 8-10 inches in diameter and 10- 14 inches in depth.

2. You can even select planter boxes or a large plastic container having a minimum of 2-3 drain holes.

3. You can even use water tins, wooden boxes or plastic buckets for growing onions. The essential requirements to fulfill are 2-3 drainage holes, 14 inches in depth and 10 inches in diameter.

Whether you are growing onions in pots or containers, they love sunlight. Thus, place a pot or container at such a place that gets adequate sunlight of 5-6 hours daily. You can place them either near balconies, terrace gardens, front yards, patios, outdoor gardens, etc. Another important thing that requires your attention is the quality of the soil. The onions thrive in fertile, loamy and well-drained soil having a pH level between 6 -7.5. Before planting, mix 1/3 of manure or fertilizers with soil to enrich it.

Hopefully, these pieces of information help you in taking the decision whether you want to purchase onions from reputed onion suppliers or want to grow them on your own. If you want to purchase it from the market, choose Pampastore as your online supplier. The leading company deals with fresh and organic varieties of onions and offers them to customers at affordable rates. So, place your order today!


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