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Onion Distributors Ensure Enough Supply of Green & Sweet Onions in Every Season

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Mexico is one of the leading producers of onions around the world. It is rated as the fifth most used vegetable in the country and it is considered as one of the main ingredients of a number of Mexican cuisines. 95% of production of Mexican onions is concentrated in seven states: Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Baja California, Michoacan, Zacatecas and Guanajuato. These states produce onions for a variety of reasons. For instance, 85% of production is meant for domestic consumption, 12% for processing and the remaining 3% for developing oils. Onions are sown in both Spring-Summer (SS) and Autumn-Winter (AW) cycles and are easily available during these times. However, if customers want to purchase them during any season, they need to place an order via reputed online onion distributors.

Different kinds of onions are available in the country in every season. Amongst 85% of domestic production, 90% belong to white onions, 3% to yellow onions and the remaining 7% to red onions. Believe it, onion is one of the most versatile food ingredients of various cuisines around the world. It is added in sauces, meats, soups and salads and in other preparations for flavoring purposes. As per one of the studies, a family of four members in Mexico usually consumes approximately 1 kilogram of onions regardless of the season. Though the onion growing period is finite, the demand remains infinite all time. And the good news is supply remains constant throughout the year. Thanks to the efficient logistics and distribution network of onion distributors. They usually supply onions to the local market or supermarkets and are even ready to offer doorstep delivery to customers, if asked.

We will take a look at two of the most popular variety of onions used in Mexican cuisines.

1. Green Onions: Mexican green onions or Mexican BBQ onions have a taste similar to the typical green variety. Their robustness and appearance are the two factors that separate them from other varieties. Many people think that scallions and green onions are the same but there is a difference in the overall appearance as Mexican green onions have a small white bulb attached to them. These onions demand slow cooking and look beautiful when chefs garnish meat dishes or soups with Mexican green onions. If you are buying onions from the local market, look for firm and crisp leaves with uniform green in color, and hard and fresh bulbs. Beef, poultry, chorizos, chicken, etc., are few items where green onions are added to get the required taste. Avoid investing money in discolored or wilted leaves onions. You can store them in a refrigerator for three days. The best part with Mexican green onions is they are easily available around the year in every part of the country.

2. Sweet Onions: As compared to standard onions, sweet onions have a larger and generally round shape with flatter bottoms. These onions have a sweeter and milder taste with dry yellow to golden brown skin and white or yellow flesh. Because they are available in the country for a few months only i.e. from February to April, therefore they are not easily available everywhere. If anyone wants to eat them in all seasons, they can place online orders to reputed onion distributors. They can even place an order in large quantities and store them for a few months. Sweet onions are categorized as cooking onions as they help in preparing various recipes and giving them extraordinary flavor. One can even eat them in a raw form as per his tastes.

3. White Onions: The white onions are the choice of classic Mexican cooking. These onions have a sharp and clean taste. They have thinner and tender skin than other varieties. You can use them both in cooked and raw form in salsas. You can even experiment by grilling them while making fajitas. To get a sweet flavor, sauté them in the right manner.

Indubitably, onion is one item that can transform the flavor of any dish. Mexican food is hard to imagine without poultry broths and meat, and in all these preparations, onions are used judiciously. So, it is not wrong to conclude that onion is a versatile vegetable, which is easy to bake, boil, deep-fried, grilled or sautéed. The choice is yours!

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