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Use Online or Offline Distributors to Buy and Taste Organic Fruits and Vegetables of Argentina

No country is untouched by the growing demand for organic fruits and vegetables. The organic products are environment-friendly, good for health as they contain no pesticides or chemicals and are good in taste. In simple words, when a person consumes organic products, he gets the assurance of eating something safe, healthier and nutritious food item. This is the main reason there has been a sea change in the buying patterns of consumers. Of late, many health-conscious people have started demanding organic Fruits and vegetables distributors on a regular basis.

Reason for Change in Eating Patterns

More and more people are taking advice from health experts or nutritionists before planning their meals for an entire day. It is no brainer to understand that these professionals always emphasize making smarter and healthier choices and organic products fit in this category well. Rising awareness about the health benefits of eating organic products is one of the many reasons for a change in eating and buying patterns of consumers. Some other factors contributing towards the change in the pattern are growing appetite for healthier meals amongst people at home due to lockdowns, increase in rising disposable income, easy availability of organic fruits and vegetables at distributors, or via an online medium to name a few.

At present, organic products are easily available around the world but some countries are able to export them whereas some are unable to meet even local demands. Though many countries are playing a significant role in supplying organic products around the world, the contribution by Argentina is worth applauding.

Argentina: The Rising Organic Power

As per the government date, Argentina alone exported 166,000 tonnes of organic produce in 2018 to countries like the US and EU. In the year 2019, Argentina used 500 million liters of agrochemicals for giving a boost to the organic food sector. Amongst several products, rice, apple sauce, soybeans, apples, wheat, pears, etc., are some of the most demanded organic fruits and vegetables from distributors of Argentina. As per many surveys, the organic production quality of Argentina meets the highest levels of standard and is equivalent to Switzerland, Japan and the EU. This is the main factor that has been increasing the demand and popularity of organic products produced in Argentina in other countries.

Factors Making Argentina the Perfect Place for Organic Produce

There are scores of factors making the country one of the best places to produce organic fruits and vegetables. Some of those factors are mentioned below:

1. Availability of 3.2 million hectares of certified land ranks for producing organic products. The certified land allotment is second to Australia only.

2. Favorable weather conditions lead to the production of fresh fruits like apples, grapes and pears. The increase in demand for organic fruits has eventually led to the increase in demand for organic fruits and vegetables distributors and suppliers in Argentina for meeting domestic and international consumption.

3. The lift of export taxes on fresh produce by the Argentina Government is another factor favoring production and export.

Due to ongoing reasons, it is expected that the organic fruits and vegetable market of the country will grow at a CAGR of 4.5% in the time period 2021- 2026.

Has Lockdown Posed Challenges for Argentian Distributors?

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, no country and no industry have remained unaffected. The same stands strong in the case of the organic fruits and vegetable market of Argentina. Being acting as the leading exporter of organic fruits and vegetables across the world, the distributors of the county has suffered strict trade movements due to the nationwide lockdown and protocols introduced. European and US buyers have stopped purchased due to which sales got affected and the Argentina-based producers are forced to dump the organic fruits and vegetables. Even if the countries are ready to buy organic fruits and vegetables from Argentina’s distributors, they are asking for a certificate of treatment of the merchandise to ensure that no food contains traces of Coronavirus.

However, the distributors and the government of the country are hopeful that this is a temporary phase and the situation will improve over time. So, once the lockdown restrictions lifted, you can again enjoy the delicious and healthy organic fruits and vegetables of Argentina. Do not forget to taste horticulture crops including orange, lemon, tomatoes, onion, pumpkin to name a few as they are tasty and healthy too.


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